More than half way into 2020 and Estella Dawn is on track to delivering a full length LP by the end of the year. Releasing a single every six weeks has increased an already enthusiastic following along with praise for the songs originality and diversity of styles. From the Neo-Soul vibes of "Cadmium Yellow" (released in January), the "burn the town down" dynamics of "Hallow” to the attitude heavy anthemic rock of "I Dare You" (released June 4th) Estella has hit her musical stride. However, this creative vitality is another step in a constant output since relocating to the US from New Zealand in mid 2016. Estella released her first EP “Dancing Girls” at the beginning of 2018 to excellent reviews:

"Pop hooks meeting heartfelt lyrics at every turn" Michael Hollywood (NZM)

  A constant writer and producer Estella then went on to release another 8 singles by the end of 2019. As a working musician, she writes and records her vocals and piano as well as co-producing all aspects of her music. These well crafted songs contain multiple layers, both vocally and musically, subtle and soothing when needed and sharp and gritty when desired. There is an essence of modern music mixed with timeless originality that has impressed critics, bloggers and playlist curators:

  “Estella Dawn’s voice is amazing, and her honest songwriting
makes her music relatable to anyone”  Brandon Wint (Grungecake.com)

 “Her commanding vocal performance draws attention to every word that rolls off her lips and we’re listening”
  Emma Kopelowicz (Gasmaskmagazine.com)
 “Estella’s art speaks for itself. Her Talent has no end”

  The story begins back in the late 90’s with Estella singing songs from the booster seat in the back of her parents car growing up in New Zealand (true, ask her mother). From a young age she glided into songwriting, piano, guitar, music production and recording. Recognized by the Auckland University songwriting competitions at the age of 15 (and for the next 2 years), as well as national songwriting contest “Play it Strange”. Estella then went onto to become a semi-finalist at the age of 16 on New Zealand’s Got Talent where she performed her original songs and caught the eye of Judge Rachel Hunter (Yes that one) who said:

 “She is the full package” (Rachel Hunter NZGT 2013)

  Her recognition as a young and talented singer/songwriter led to opening spots for established artists such as Adam McGrath, Andrew White, Titanium and performances before crowds of 10k+ at the Bowl of Brooklands. So really, Estella has been a musician all of her life, whether for personal satisfaction, building her craft or crisis management she has music in her; her head, her hands, her heart. Estella fuses her powerhouse vocals, story like arrangements and diversity of style into music that is unique, honest, powerful and intimate.